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About GIMT

Research Features
GIMT has excellent facilities and a good research environment for the students. Research Labs include:Laser ultrasound Lab., biomedical components Lab., mechatronic & components Lab., micro-machining Lab., nano-manufacture Lab., computer aided machining Lab., Information and Communication Technology Lab., Advanced Nanomaterials and Manufacturing Processes Lab., Modern Materials Manufacture Lab., Intelligent Automated Inspection Lab., Industry 4.0 Lab., Intelligent Systems Lab., and Metal Forming and Materials Modelling Lab.. The research fields are focused on:
 • Precision manufacturing technology
 • Micro & Nano manufacture technology
 • Advanced manufacture technology
 • Precision machinery & metrology 
 • Nondestructive testing 
 • Online monitoring technology

Teaching Features
Fundamental as well as practical trainings are both emphasized in the objectives of education in GIMT. The GIMT offers courses that cover specialist and advanced manufacturing engineering subjects, combining expertise in mechanical, material and mechatronic and computer engineering and the impact of human factors on products and systems. The great opportunities for the students to involve in research projects from National Science Council (NSC) are provided. Not only the collaborations with company are available, but also short-time practical training course in the company and short–term abroad reach is possible in GIMT. The students can develop the both research-orientated practical experiences and further research. Many courses are conducted in English to accommodate international students. Several foreign students have already joined the GIMT international program in the past years.
The mission of the Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Tech. is to create knowledge about mechanical and manufacturing engineering within the areas of industrial production and mechanical systems and transfer this knowledge to graduates, society, consumers and businesses. Knowledge building is based on strategic and application-oriented research with a generic character.

Fundamental as well as practical trainings is both emphasized in the objectives of education in GIMT. To integrate our courses with industry experiences, some contents are taught by industrial instructors. To enhance international exchange of academic and industrial application knowledge, we also provide some programs for short-term abroad research and collaboration with the company for practical technology training. 

Continue to establish research specialties in the areas of precision machining, testing, measurements, aiming in the development of advanced manufacturing technologies and innovative biomedical applications.



The Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Tech. (GIMT) in National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) was founded in 1999 for the education of full time Master student majored in the area of advanced manufacturing technologies.

The Institute of Manufacturing Tech. has an academic education and research profile that will contribute to solving the key global manufacturing technology challenges.

GIMT jointed the Ph.D. program established in the Graduate Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and recruited PhD’s students in 2002.

Since 2003, the GIMT began to recruit part-time Master students who are concurrently holding positions in the industry.

To meet the manufacturing Tech. demands in Taiwan, the Ph.D. program was founded in 2013 for advanced manufacturing researchers.

Directors of the Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Tech.

Dr. Hwa-Hsing, Tang (1999~2002), Dr. Cheng-Shun, Chen (2002~2005), Dr. Ching-Chih, Chung (2005~2008), Dr. Che-Hua, Yang (2008~2011), Dr. Ho, Chang (2011~2017), Dr. Dong-Yea Sheu (2017~2022), Dr. Yuan-Jen Chang (2022~current)