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Featured Labs

Featured Labs:

► Intelligent Automated Inspection and Embedded Control Lab.
Machine vision、Precise measurement、Inline inspection、Process Diagnostics、Industrial AI、Embedded system

► Industry 4.0 Lab.
Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Physical System, Internet of Things, intelligent robots and vehicles, Structural topology optimization, Development of Innovative Mechanisms

► Intelligent Systems Lab.
Intelligent User-Interactive Security System; Chaos Tech.-based Smart Machine with AI; System Modelling and Intelligent Control

► Wisdom Bio/Chemical Sensing Systems Lab.
Molecular controlled Semiconductor Sensing devices, BioMEMS, Biochemical Self Assembly Process, Precision Molecular Coating Technology, Microfluidics, Nanomechanical Biosensors, Wisdom Manufacturing

► Advanced Interface Manufacture Lab.
Ultrasonic metal welding, Manufacture of high-strength metallic lamellar materials, Microstructural analysis and design of dissimilar bonding interface, Ultrasonic metal additive manufacturing, Solid-state bonding

► Sustainable Engineering Lab.
Thermo-Fluid Engineering; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Heat and Mass Transfer; Wind Energy Harvesting; Sustainable Built Environment

► Complex Fluids Modeling and Computation Lab.
Granular material flows, non-Newtonian fluids and multiphase flows, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), discrete element method (DEM) simulation, applications of artificial intelligence in engineering

► Creative Design Lab.
Mechanism Synthesis and Analysis ;Rehabilitation Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Exercise Equipment Design; Bicycle Mechanism Design; Hand Tool Design; Vehicle Engineering ; Railway Vehicle Engineering

► Thin Film Processes & Functional Materials Lab.
Electrochemistry, thin film process, materials corrosion & protection, chemical sensor, energy materials (solar water splitting, supercapacitor, lithium ion battery), resistive random-access memory, chemical sensor

► 3D Printing Lab.
Digital Dental 3D Printing System, Digital Manufacturing, Incremental Sheet Metal Forming

► Matrix Lab.
In-Situ Measurement, Signal Processing, Machine Vision, Experimental Mechanics, Industrial Applications